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Aaron Hunter

Upon Graduation from HMHS, I attended Philadelphia Wireless Technical Institute. While a Senior in High School, I worked as a grease monkey at the Gibbsboro Super Jet gas station. After high school, while attending Phila. Wireless, I worked part time at Grants as a cashier at the tobacco stand. After graduating from the Institute, I thought I would take some time off. But my father convinced me to get another job and found one repairing electronic organs and stereo Hi Fi’s at Jacob Bros. Music Co. in Phila.

By June of ’66, the draft had found me, so I joined the Navy to see the world. Luckily for me, I was attached to an air squadron, VAW/VAQ 33 based at Quonset Point, RI. repairing the electrical systems of AD1 Skyraiders. Most of the time found me on dry land but I did do a cruise to Vietnam on the CVS/A 11 Intrepid from June ’68 through Jan ’69. The carrier is now a museum in New York City. Promoted to AE2 while on the carrier.

January 1970 found me back home and searching for a job again. Found one with Western Electric in Philadelphia installing telephone switching equipment in the various central telephone offices. A layoff 4 ½ years later found me job searching again, but this coincided with my working on the addition to a family summer house on the Rancocas Creek in Ewansville. By September of 1974, I got the heater installed and working and we moved into our new home. Oh, did I mention I got married? June of ’72 I took the plunge and married Janet Frankland from Runnemede, a graduate of Triton HS and Glassboro State Teacher’s College.

Link to complete biography.

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Frank Mulhern

Graduated from Phila. Textile in 1969, B.S. in Bus Adm
Enlisted in USN in 1970, spent 4 years on destroyers as a Personnelman
Married in 1971, two grown children and one grandchild. Both children have advanced degrees.
Moved to Arkansas City, Kansas in 1983 for an employment opportunity with General Electric, Aircraft Engine Div.
Was Customer Support Manager for GE in Corporate Aviation
Received M.S. in Management from Friends University, Wichita, KS in 1995
Very active at 1st Presbyterian Church in Ark City, have served as an elder for 12 years and deacon for 3 years.
Retired from GE in October 2005 with a real traditional pension (thank God).

Love KS and the wide open spaces and NO traffic. Best heard it described by a Canadian that was transferred
from Bombardier Aviation, Montreal to Wichita..."KS is the only place you can sit on your back porch and watch
your dog run away for 3 days."

Yes, I do live in tornado alley. And NO, I've not seen Dorothy or Toto.

Picture is about 4 yrs old but best I've got. The aircraft is a Bombardier Challenger corporate aircraft owned by Boeing.

Last time I was in Haddonfield was Jan. 2005 for my mom's funeral. Hopefully will be passing through again in late May. Our son and his wife want to visit our relatives and then on to Newport, R.I. where he was born for some sort of show and tell.

Frank Mulhern

Susan Lee Hare

In September of '63 I went off to Millersville State College (now University) outside of Lancaster, PA and graduated in 1967 with a B. S. in Elementary Ed. I went on to get my M. ED. from Temple within the first couple of years after that. I got a job in Plymouth Meeting, PA in the Colonial School District and continued to teach various grades (2nd, 3rd, and 4th) there until my early retirement after 30 years in 1999.

Link to complete biography.

Phyllis Eggleston

I was planning on telling my life story in person, but I will not be able to attend our reunion. So here goes-----! I married Arthur (Cap) Hyde shortly after graduation. I joined him in Forest Grove, Oregon where he was attending Pacific University in January 1964. Our son Arthur Eggleston (Kip) Hyde was born in April. After Caps graduation we moved back to Jersey and he worked for his father at A.L. Hyde Co. in Grenlock. The marriage broke up in 1969. I worked as a clerk typist for Merchants Mutual Insurance Company and as a girl Friday at Fahnestock and Company in Philadelphia. During this time I met Bill Stolarski and we were married in 1970.

Link to complete biography.

Kathleen Nyman Hernandez

When I signed up for my first classes at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in August, 1963, I made a very disheartening discovery. The home economics courses I hoped to minor in were offered at Michigan State. Oh, well. I enjoyed my years there anyway, joined the Sigma Kappa Sorority, and proudly graduated in 1967 with a B.S. in Nursing. During my junior year I signed on with the U.S. Navy to help pay for school. I spent the month of June in Newport, Rhode Island, at Officers Training School. Luckily our group all got their first choices and I ended up in San Francisco, actually, at the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, California, for three years. While I was there I met Alfred J.Hernandez, Jr., M.D., who had come there from Houston, Texas, to do his rotating internship. He spent the next year in Da Nang, Viet Nam, and when he called me via short wave radio to ask me to marry him, I accepted - over. We were married on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay in July, 1970, and spent the next two years on a honeymoon in Naples, Italy, courtesy of the U.S. Navy. We traveled around Europe in our VW Bug whenever his weekends off permitted. Our daughter, Katelena , was born in May, 1971.

Link to complete biography.

Jerry MacBride
310 Union Street
Newtown, Pa 18940

After graduating from Temple I took a job through the placement bureau at the University and ended up in sales. The position took me to Atlanta to set up a southern division covering thirteen states. From there it was to New York and some national travelling and then California and the west including Alaska and Hawaii. My next employment was in the buying department of Lord and Taylor in New York, followed by a short stint at Vanity Fair before taking a job with Gillette. My first territory was eastern New York and Vermont and eventually Philadelphia , South Jersey and Delaware and back home.

Link to complete biography.

Craig & Betsy Barbor Barry

I have so enjoyed reading the biographies and seeing the pictures. The web site is great. I really wish Craig and I were going to make it back for the reunion and could see everyone in person. Have a wonderful time.

An email from Gwen Duffy Art shamed me into writing a little of our life history. Here goes: After high school, I went one semester to Albright College and then transferred down to West Virginia Wesleyan. Craig and I both graduated from there in 1967 and were married that August. We moved back to NJ and both started teaching. I taught for 3 1/2 years before our son, Andrew, was born in 1971. Craig by then had his MA and was teaching in the elementary education department at Glassboro State College, now Rowan University. He then became a principal of an elementary school in Voorhees, NJ, while continuing to go to school. I was lucky to be a stay-at-home mom. Our daughter, Robin, was born in 1974. Craig by now was working as Curriculum Coordinator for Woodbury, NJ school district. After receiving his doctorate from Nova University, he became Woodbury's Superintendent. I went back to teaching in 1986 at Haddonfield Friends School. It is a wonderful school and I loved teaching there. (I even had Dave Kellom's son as one of my students.) I taught 5th grade until 1995.

Link to complete biography.

Lorraine (Cookie) Barbell Pinsky

Compared to many of the bios I have read, my life has been rather unexciting. Following our high school graduation, I attended Albright College for one year and then transferred to the Univ of PA. I graduated with a bachelors in Psychology which prepared me for very little. I became the Social Editor of the Burlington County Herald, a weekly paper, for six months before joining the cadre of federal civil servants. I worked for three years for the Army Corps of Engineers in Phila in Personnel Mgt. During that time I met my husband, Howard, who was an engineer at GE. Following his layoff, along with 2000 other engineers, he located a position with Martin Marietta in Orlando, FL. We married and moved here 32 years ago; actually three weeks before Mickey Mouse officially opened his doors to everyone.

Link to complete biography.

Shortly before my planned departure for Penn State, I had an impulsive change of heart, and headed instead for the University of New Mexico. Many years later, when I first heard the Dixie Chicks singing - she needed wide open spaces, room to make the big mistakes - I thought they were singing my story. I loved New Mexico from the start; it was an easy place for me to be - no one cared what I was doing or what I was wearing. Relaxed, tolerant, lots of high desert sunshine, and the pace was slow in 1963.

Link to complete biography.

Roberta Claire Henisee Hobson

After HMHS I went to the University of Delaware and majored in Home Economics -Textiles and Clothing. During my 4 years of college I married Jim Meacham and we had a daughter, Liane while still in school. I actually finished my degree requirements at the Univ. of Maryland in College Park when Jim went to work at
Westinghouse in Baltimore, but I graduated from U of Delaware.

Link to complete biography.

Miriam Hewes Slejko

Dear Haddonfield Friends,

You know you are not far from my mind on any given day since I have our high school senior class picture hanging over my desk! I see your faces and often think of you wondering where you are now and what you have been doing. Thank you to our super Reunion Committee for arranging so much time for us to get reacquainted!

To bring you up to date with my activities I have to tell you that all my past years, 17 as a psychologist and director of Sunny Day School, now Durand Academy, for autistic and severely disturbed children, and, more recently, 17 years working with my husband, Frank, publishing a trade journal in ultrapure water and holding conferences here in the U.S. as well as Asia and Europe, have been eclipsed by my current preparation for ministry. This new pursuit came as a surprise to me in many ways but has proven to be completely fulfilling.

Link to complete biography.

Gwen Duffy Art

Reading about all of you has made me quit procrastinating and send in a bit about my life since '63.

After HMHS and Wellesley College, I went to Wesleyan in Connecticut for an MAT and began teaching (what else?) high school English. I was married soon after that, and we lived in Palo Alto, California, while my husband finished law school and I continued teaching. After that, we lived in New York City for three years, and I'm so glad to have done that, or else I would still be wanting to. I taught for a while longer and then went into educational publishing as an editor, still teaching but in a different way.

Link to complete biography.

Carol Duus Breitinger
3498 Charlemont Road
Big Island, VA 24526

For 40 years I've been working in the field of communications. 31 years were at the South Jersey Courier-Post newspaper, on the business side. The first ten of those years were in Classified advertising and the remainder were spent in Marketing and Promotion. The last 14 years I was Promotion/Market Research
Director for the newspaper (not Production Director, as our HMHS 20-year book listed). When USA Today was started, I spent several years, on and off, as a "loaner" doing circulation promotion and marketing for that publication at their D.C. headquarters. The Courier-Post and USA Today are owned by the same
media giant - Gannett.

Link to complete biography.

Paul Finkbiner

At the end of high school I willed my snowball business to my sister Jeanette, who sold snowballs the next two years, and I headed off to join Muhlenberg's freshman class. I graduated from Muhlenberg College in 1967 with a B.S. degree in physics.

After a summer of work at Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, I joined the Navy. I served on the USS Northhampton (CC1), the national command ship where the President would go in case of national emergency. In mid-1969, I transferred to the USS Paul Revere (LPA-248) , an amphibian command ship which moved Marines from Vietnam to Okanawa.

Link to complete biography.

Julie Fox Eastwick

I am so looking forward to our reunion, but I know I will never get a bio to you in time ( I really don't like doing them. so I have procrastinated all this time.) Maybe you could just post this article from last week's Baltimore Sun with the following:

  • married to Carl for 36 years
  • two wonderful grown sons, Matt 33 and Ted 29
  • two precious grandsons (Matt and wife Jackie): Will 21/2 and Andrew 9 months and #3 due in March!
  • Lucky to have my Mother still living in Haddonfield

That's really all the important stuff anyway, but the article is what I have been doing for the last 28 years.

Link to complete biography and newspaper article.

Jeanne Baggs

Some of you have no doubt visited my hometown - the enchanting red rock country of Sedona, AZ. My husband, Bob Backman, and I had vacationed here since the late '80s, and moved here permanently upon retirement in 1999. We love the four season climate and very casual outdoor lifestyle (mostly tennis for him and day hikes for me), being surrounded by many wonderful artists and their work, going to bed each night to the howls of coyotes and engulfed by more stars than we ever knew existed, and awakening each morning to awesome vistas and clean air.

Link to complete biography.

Roland Holloway

Those who remember me know that I was not much for studying or worried about getting a good education. School was a punishment for me and I thought partying was the way to get by. Three days after graduating I was in Coast Guard boot camp. I served my four years on three different ships from Charleston, S.C., New Orleans, LA and finally in Cape May, NJ. The military was probably the best thing that happened to me. I grew up very quickly and learned more that I ever had in school.

Link to complete biography.

John Gaines

after hmhs, went to lafayette with denny. then went from there to univ. rhode island, then auburn university. spent two years on the faculty of the fisheries dept. as an assistant professor. finallly went to the university of alabama in birmingham for another degree, my M.D. basically since then i have been a small town doctor in palatka, florida Met my wife, dianne, in birmingham. we have four wonderful children. jody, my only son, graduated from the naval academy in "00, and has "enjoyed" two lovely tours of the persian gulf. he is is married, and just told us we are about to become grandparents. annie, oldest daughter graduated from princeton with honors, and is currently at the university of miami law school. lastly we were blessed with fraternal twins, jessie who is a junior at lenior-rhyne in north carolina. she is majoring in education. her sister, joannna, is a junior at princeton, majoring in anthropology. needless to say i am still working. it has been so interesting to read all the bios. everyone has led such interesting lives. looking forward to the reunion, and seeing everyone. good health to all.

Darryl Robbins

Muddled my way through high school with no specific life goals or direction and certainly no interest in going into medicine (did not take calculus or physics in high school). My parents expected me to do B average
work, and that's about what I did.

Muddled my way through Dickinson College. Sometime during my sophomore year in college I got the idea that medicine would be both fascinating and challenging, and as I really enjoyed working with children, I got some direction. Began to wake up during med school at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Link to complete biography.

Tim Glenn

Upon graduation from Waynesburg College in 1967 [BS Bus. Admin], I took off on a great [?] adventure. Courtesy of Uncle Sam & the USAF I participated in an all-expense paid tour of some of the world's garden spots. Included were San Antonio & Wichita Falls, Tx., Mt. Home, Idaho and beautiful NKP, Thailand. Following completion of my SEA tour, as an Aerial Port Det. Commander, I bade farewell to the USAF in 1971 with the rank of Capt.

Link to complete biography.

Fran Liberi

After HMHS I attended Muhlenberg College where I graduated with a B.A. degree in Psychology. The best thing about college is that is where I met my wife, Susan Cartwright, and we have been happily married for 35 years.

Upon graduating from college, I joined the army, and like so many others in our class, spent a one-year tour in Vietnam. Following Vietnam, however, I was lucky enough to be assigned a tour in Hawaii where my daughter Jennifer was born. Oddly enough, it was also a great place to be a car nut!

Link to complete biography.

Donna DiSario

I may have been a headache, but I never was a bore. With all my heart I believe the best is yet to come.

Donna DiSario, Director
Conference Services
Texas Woman's University
P.O. Box 425379
Denton Texas 76204-5379
Phone: 940-898-3642
Fax: 940-898-3556

Judy Wills Herr

After graduating from HMHS I attended Waynesburg College in Waynesburg, PA. I graduated with a BA in Elementary Education. I graduated in 1967 and was married that same August to Ken Herr. I taught 1st grade in a very small school in Washington County, PA for 1 1/2 years. During the Viet Nam era Ken was in the Navy for four and a half years. During that time we were stationed in Illinois, Virginia, and Keflavik, Iceland. I taught school in all three places.

After the military Ken and I moved to Columbus, Ohio where he worked for Owens-Illinois. It was there my first son, Brian, was born in 1974. I quit teaching to raise my children. We moved to Sylvania, Ohio, to be near the headquarters of Owens-Illinois. My second son, David, was born in Sylvania in 1978.

Link to complete biography.

Kathy Welsh Baxter

Biography Update: For those of you who did not attend our last Reunion in 2008 and got caught up with me there, a great deal has happened since I submitted a biography for our 40th.

In January 2007, my mother passed away after living with my husband and me for over 30 years. In April of the same year I lost the love of my life, my husband Steve. We had been together since 1962. He soldiered through 18 month of cancer treatments with a magnificent attitude and continued to run five companies until just a couple of weeks before he died. I miss him every day and his passing has made me realize how blessed I was to have him in my life for over 45 years.

I am semi-retired, not through choice, but due to the fact my company services the housing industry which hopefully will pick up in 2010. Meanwhile, I am keeping busy with volunteer work, visiting my nieces in GA and cousin in CA and friends who live in other states. I am looking forward to more trips to Italy and France; hopefully in the next year or so.

Hope to see many classmates at the 50th, wherever it may be.

Trisha Gates Winder

After graduating from U of Delaware with a nursing degree, I lived and worked in Philadelphia. In 1970 I left the East Coast and headed to San Francisco where I have lived ever since. I was married when I moved west, and my daughter, Jerre, was eighteen months old. I came to California during the Flower Child era and lived the hippie life for a little while. Jerre’s dad and I went our separate ways when she was two and I settled down to raise her and to develop a career in nursing.

Link to complete biography.

Peggy Friel Chilton

After graduation from HMHS, I attended Pfeiffer College in Misenheimer, NC and graduated in 1967 with a BS degree in Elementary Education. I did post graduate work at UNC Greensboro and received Gifted Education certification. Later I completed certification for mentoring. Most of my teaching experience has been in the area of elementary gifted education. I have taught in Winston-Salem, NC , Brewton, AL and Raleigh, NC. I retired in 2000 after teaching for thirty years. I still do substituting and have gained even more admiration for teachers who are being held accountable for their students' academic growth. Teaching continues to be more demanding.

Link to complete biography.

Sharon Skulnick Cutler

I am still living in the area, Cherry Hill..to be exact. I am married to Marc for 36 years. We have one married daughter, Michele, who lives in Maryland, and our other daughter, Caryn, lives in Philly. I
have been a fashion consultant for Doncaster for ten years. I was recently sent to Boca Spa and Resort with 14 other consultants. We were the top consultants among 2000 agencies in the country. What a great trip! Needless to say, I love my job.

John Fuester

After graduation from HMHS, I attended Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pa. Following my senior year there I enlisted, and while in the service I spent a year in Vietnam and then nearly two years in Japan. After I got out of the army in 1971, I attended Rutgers University in Camden, and graduated with a B.A. in 1974. Later that year I began my career with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

In 1983, I married Janice Troutman, and in 1985 we moved to Pennsauken, where we are still living. We have two children, Rebecca and Matthew. Rebecca is attending Philadelphia Biblical University, and Matthew just started his junior year of high school. In 1997, I retired from the VA and am now working in the private sector in Cherry Hill.

This year I came out with a CD of my piano compositions, and I admit I'm really excited about it. The pianist really did a great job. No, I am not the pianist, and, no, I haven't sold a million copies yet. My goal is to come out with three more CDs by early in 2004.

Lynne (Weaver) Hammette

Since graduating from the University of Maryland in 1967, I have lived in the Washington, DC area, now residing in University Park, Maryland with my husband John. I have been an interior designer at the Library of Congress for thirty years, and currently supervise a design staff of 10. I've had the opportunity to work on the renovation of the original library building, which was built in 1897. It was one of the sights we visited on our senior class trip. My happiest achievements at the Library are having one of the restored spaces I worked on appear in Architectural Digest, and restoring the Poet Laureate's Office, where I enjoyed meeting the most recent Poet Laureate, Billy Collins..

Link to complete biography.

Karen Schroeder Slimm

After high school, I graduated from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia with a B.F.A degree.

New York City was the home base for Textile Designers and that being my major, is where I became employed.

Hating New York City City life, I married a military man and proceeded to live in various states.

During this period of my life, I taught art to children and adults; had numerous art shows including some "one man shows"; and sold to galleries in various states.

Link to complete biography.

Susan Shockley Sharp

After spending 4 years to get my degree from Trenton State I went on to teach for a total of 5 years. Not a great return on investment. But like most of life experiences the true benefits can't be gleaned from casual observation. Two of those years I taught in Germany where I met my first husband who was in the Army and getting ready to ship to Vietnam. Timing could have been better.

After Vietnam we were very happy to live in Hopkinton, MA for 7 years. I loved the history of the area and if allowed would have spent every last cent on antiques. It was there that we decided to adopt our first son Ryan (He was born in Colombia.) and within a year gave birth to our second son Stephen. Ryan is now married and has two boys. Stephen just started his second year of medical school.

Link to complete biography.

Paul H. Friend Jr.

Born in Quincy, Massachusetts Paul resided on both the East and West coasts while attending school. After graduating from Haddonfield Memorial High School, Haddonfield, New Jersey in 1963, Paul spent a tour in Vietnam while serving four years in the military. After being discharged from the service he attended the University of Massachusetts, where he refined his design skills.

In the Mid 70's working under the studio name of Beihler/Friend Studio Paul was creating not only commissioned architectural stained glass installations but one of a kind sculptural glass as well. In 1976 he began working under the studio name of Paul Friend Architectural Glass and Design. His studio to date is responsible for well over 2,000 stained glass installations and works commissioned for prestigious clients worldwide.

Link to complete biography.

Mark McGrath

Graduated from Temple University, married Linda Gaskill and joined VISTA in 1968. Linda and I worked in Gainesville, Florida as community organizers until 1970 when we returned to New Jersey. Taught physical education in Willingboro until 1974 when I finished my masters and became a guidance counselor.

Had three children (Matthew, Erin & Conor) in the '70s and joined Ken Gaskill in the auto parts warehousing business in 1979. We sold the company in 1996 and I returned to counseling. Presently, I'm a school counselor at Lawrence High School and Webmaster for the New Jersey School Counselor Association. Matthew owns a children's book and toy store in Collingswood, Erin teaches Spanish and English in Chicago and Conor just moved to San Diego. Linda spends her time golfing and playing with Moira and Maeve, our most remarkable granddaughters. Life is good.

Henry ("Denny") Ryder

I graduated from Lafayette College in 1967 with a BA in Economics and from University of Pennsylvania with an MBA in 1969. After working in Philadelphia for a year, I decided to try my hand at teaching. I began at Gloucester County College in Deptford NJ in September 1970 and have been there ever since. Although I was initially hired to teach management courses, since 1974 I have been teaching mostly Principles of Economics.

In 1972 the Director of Counseling put a note in my mailbox with a phone number and the name "Judy Bott" on it with the message, "Call her". I did, and Judy and I were married in 1974. We bought our first - and only- house in Pitman, primarily because we couldn't - and still can't - afford a house in Haddonfield.

Link to complete biography.

Catherine Matthias

My husband, Stewart Jones, and I live in the small town (pop. 1054) of Joseph, Oregon, an arts community surrounded by ranches in the extreme northeastern corner of the state. The town occupies the southern end of the Wallowa Valley, and nestles at the foot of Chief Joseph Mountain on the northern edge of the 361,446 square acre Eagle Cap Wilderness. It sits at 4150 feet above sea level; the mountains rise to nearly 10,000 feet. It is a magical place of alpine lakes, rivers, bald eagles, bears, and cougar. Hell's Canyon, the deepest gorge in the world at 7000 feet, is just a short
drive east.

If you go to www.indigogalleryart.com, you'll know what we do professionally. But here are a few personal notes: Link to complete biography.

Susan Amme McQuown

Been living in Memphis since 1978 so I guess I am a tried and true Southerner. I have been back to Haddonfield only twice in the last several years when my parents passed away. I lived 4 years in Florida but soon found out that I liked vacationing there better than living there. Besides I missed my 2 sons back in Memphis. Jed is 33 and Billy will be 30 in Oct. Both are married so I now have 2 "daughters" to dote on. I bought a house a few months ago and have been busy fixing it up - I'm finding it's a never ending task! I'm looking forward to the reunion and may bring my sister, Joan, (class of 70) with me. I love seeing you all in the pictures on the site - isn't it nice we all look no different than we did in '63?! Looking forward to seeing you all.

Edward Seeger Jr.

Taken from the Corpus Christi Caller-Times:

Ed Seeger leaves legacy of concern, hope, love
In 14 years as leader of Metro Ministries, he inspired a whole city.

April 22, 2003

Some successful people create gaudy monuments to themselves: far-flung financial empires, or successful political careers, or fame as entertainers.

But vastly more admirable are those who toil not for themselves, but for humanity: Their work is written in the lives of the people they touch.

Such a one is Edward Seeger - better known as "Ed" - who last week announced his decision to step down from the leadership post he has held for 14 years at Metro Ministries. There, he has given help and love to the destitute and spurned.

Metro Ministries' good works have grown: Beyond giving food and shelter, the group has steered many to the counseling and training they need to recover.

Seeger teaches us that there is more to charity than parting with a dollar for a panhandler. As Seeger said, "Charity is not a substitute for justice. Charity is what we do to buy us some time to figure out how we can act more justly and improve the world."

Seeger will now become executive director for the Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Foundation. He'll be missed - but others will pitch in to build on his unique legacy.

More articles:

Ken Artis

Graduated from University of Pennsylvania; worked as two-way talk radio host in late 1960's, early 1970's; ghost-writer for Al Capp (Lil' Abner); appraised real estate and developed some; spent about 20 years in financial public relations and writing; published in a few places; went to law school at the University of Wisconsin in 1989 and graduated in 1991; has small private practice focused on intellectual property (work with THE ONION), negotiation, and Indian law; served as the deputy general counsel for the Wisconsin Gaming Commission; served as counsel to Wisconsin Lottery; currently legislative counsel for the Ho-Chunk Nation; was last person to dance with Ginger Rogers.

Sandra Morgan (Sam Crawford Donahue)

After high school I went to nursing school. One year later dropped out and married. One year later had twin girls, Dana and Christine. Five years later divorced and back to school. Was a single parent for 23 years; raised two wonderful daughters and finally finished graduate school at Penn.

Ten years ago I met and married Michael Donahue, the love of my life. The girls had 5 children between them - yikes! - and two wonderful husbands. Michael has four great kids---no "grands" from that side - - yet!

I'm currently Vice President for Community Health Services at Community Medical Center in New Jersey. Mike and I live in Medford but spend much of our time at our place in Cape May. What a joy to share fun times there with family and friends !!

We're planning trips to Costa Rica and Provence in the next couple of years. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Looking forward to November!

David L. Lomax

Following high school, my college days took me to Elizabethtown College (B.S. Business Administration '67). There I met my wife, Alice (B.S. Medical Technology '68). We were married in December, 1968. From October, 1967 to August, 1970 I was in the Army. After basic and advanced training, I attended Officer Candidate School at Fort Belvoir, VA. receiving my officer's commission in August, 1968. From October, 1969 to August, 1970 I served in Viet Nam (3rd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division).

My banking career started October, 1970 in York, PA.Commercial Lending has been my primary responsibility most of the years. I took an early retirement package from Allfirst Bank (U.S. Division of Allied Irish Bank) in December, 2002 after 32+ years with Allfirst and its predecessor banks, Dauphin Deposit Bank and Southern Pennsylvania Bank. Being too young to retire, I started working for Community Banks, a regional Central Pennsylvania bank, the next business day after my retirement from Allfirst.

Alice and I have two sons, Andrew (33) and Jeffery (31). Andy graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1992; Jeff graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1995. Both sons are married; Andy now lives in York, Jeff resides in Sykesville, MD. Alice and I are enjoying our four grandchildren: Katie (9), Sarah (6), Anna (3), and Nathan (born May 28, 2003).

Betsey Evans Heuisler

Betsey Heuisler was born and grew up in Haddonfield, New Jersey. She graduated with a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.F.A., Maryland Institute College of Art.

From 1970 to 1975, she and her husband circumnavigated the globe-living, working, teaching and traveling in over thirty countries. Her prints were shown in Rabat, Morocco in 1972, and her paintings of Afghan women in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1974. Her work in Afghanistan was supported by a grant from the
Asia Foundation.

Living in Baltimore, Maryland from 1976 to the present, she has been a private instructor of life drawing, helped create a course in Medical Humanities for the University of Maryland Medical School under a NIH Grant; taught for many years at the Maryland Institute College of Art; was Chair of the Art Department
at Gilman School in Baltimore; originated and taught a summer painting program for the Maryland Institute College of Art in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; teaches an after-school art program for urban schoolchildren under a grant from the Creative Alliance and the Enoch Pratt Free Library; and is on the faculty
at Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, Maryland, teaching one studio course each semester for students of acupuncture, herbal medicine and applied healing arts.

Her paintings are in numerous private, corporate, museum and government collections nationally and abroad. In 1999 her paintings were selected to appear in the national publication New American Paintings. She recently completed ten large oil paintings for permanent installation at Manhattan Chili Company, in the Ed Sullivan Theater Building in New York. She is represented by Gomez Gallery in Baltimore.

In October, she will have a joint show with photographer Connie Imboden at the Packard/Reah Gallery in Lewes, Delaware. This winter, she is scheduled for a solo show at Gomez Gallery in Baltimore.

She has been married to Stanley Heuisler for 35 years, and is the mother of Kate, 25 and Alec, 23. She is an avid gardener-planting and mulching at a hillside home in Baltimore and a beach cottage in Delaware.

For a retrospective of her work and her latest shows visit www.betseyheuisler.com.

Margie King Saphier

Here is my life journey in a nutshell:

After graduating from Russell Sage College in 1967 with a BSN, I have had several careers. In nursing I worked as a public health nurse and a pediatric nurse practitioner (I was considered one of the pioneers because it was such a new concept).

During this time I met the man of my life, Jon Saphier, who was teaching in Southwest Harbor, ME when I was living and working in Boston. After a whirlwind long-distance romance of 10 months ,we married and have remained happily married for the last 32 years. Early in our marriage Jon received his doctorate in education and began his educational consulting firm. Once we had children I became editor of the newsletter, Children In Hospitals, Inc. and an advocate for families when their children were hospitalized.

Link to complete biography.

Dianne Wildman (Burns)

At age 21, three days after graduation from college, I flew off to a tiny Micronesian island in the Western Pacific for Peace Corps training. Ended up in Saipan in the Marianas, and taught English as a second language in the local high school until it and everything else were blown into the ocean by a demon typhoon. After that we taught in tents. I became fluent in Chamorro, a language of dubious value anywhere else on the planet, not least because the most common "word" for yes was to lift and lower the eyebrows quickly.

At the end of two years, I took my leave, but spent months getting home, stopping in a dozen countries. A portent of things to come. Once back in New Jersey, I was warmly welcomed, but eternally cold. I thought grad school at UCLA sounded good, and so took my still-thin tropical blood to Los Angeles.

Notable early job: middle-of-the-night wire copy reader on a heavy metal rock radio station where my hippie news director ordered me to "lead with the Rolling Stones concert schedule, no matter what else is happening in the world." Like the Vietnam War and Watergate.

Link to complete biography.

Jeffrey Gitomer

A brief history since high school

Dropped out of college 1963-1967 (Temple University)
Traveled in Europe 1967-68 studied German in Berlin
Bought a garden apartment building in 1969 met wife across the hall
Opened a furniture manufacturing business 1970 (bean-bag chairs)
Got married 1970
Twins born July 12, 1972 -- Erika and Stacey
Sold furniture business 1972 (it burned down the next year)
Joined "Dare to Be Great" Glenn Turner - learned sales, got attitude 1972
Moved to Florida and bought a mobile home park with my dad 1974
Bought into a t-shirt factory in FL in 1974
Sold park and factory in 1976 and took a one year vacation across the US
Started consulting in the screen printing industry 1976
Moved to Bean Blossom Indiana (population 125) 1977
Business consulting from 1977-1983
Rebecca (third daughter) was born November 18, 1978

Click here for link to the rest of the story.

Craig Morgan

After graduation, I attended Tusculum College in Greeneville, Tennessee, and received a degree in Education. I started teaching in the Cherry Hill Public Schools during the 67-68 school year. In 1970, I moved to San Diego, California, and taught in the LeMesa Spring Valley School District.

I returned to New Jersey in 1971 and to teach in Haddon Township. I taught for one year in Haddon Township High School and then taught at the Jennings and Stoy Schools for 28 years. In 2000, I became the Math/Technology Facilitator for the district in grades K to 6. Currently, I am technology and math facilitator for our new Rohrer Middle School.

In 1976, celebrating the Bicentennial, I married Robin Purdy (HMHS ‘71). We have three children: Bret (Montclair State University ‘00, Computer Science, age 26), Colin (College of NJ ‘03, Computer Engineer, age 24), and Amanda (College of NJ –06, Math Major, age 19). We have resided in Haddon Township since 1977.

I coached junior and senior high students in football, soccer, bowling, basketball, baseball, and swimming plus became a baseball umpire. I have also been active in community sports by coaching soccer, basketball,
baseball, and softball in Haddon Township.

John Clevenger

I left Haddonfield 10 days after we graduated from HMHS to start at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. Four years later I graduated with a B.S. in Engineering, and then moved on to Pensacola, FL and Corpus Christi, TX to complete Navy pilot training. After receiving my "wings" I was transferred to San Diego, CA in September '68. For those of you familiar with the area, I lived on Coronado Island, which is a fantastic location. Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy it too long because the Navy sent me to Vietnam to fly combat missions off aircraft carriers in '69 and then again in '71.

Since I didn't enjoy the long family separations while at sea, I left the Navy in early '72 and went to work for The Procter & Gamble Company. I was with the company for 28 years with assignments in manufacturing, engineering, logistics, and plant management. During my P&G career, I got to live in some great locations such as on Lake Huron in northern Michigan, in the Pocano Mountains in Pennsylvania, near the Mississippi River in Memphis, in the Rocky Mountain area of Alberta, Canada, and 5 exciting (sometimes stressful) years in South America (Caracas, Venezuela, and Santiago, Chile). I retired from P&G in '99 in Cincinnati, where I currently have a home.

As for family, I was married to Ginny Blair (HMHS Class of '65) for more than 31 years, but I lost Ginny to cancer four years ago. Gin and I had 3 children. My oldest, Andy (age 32) is an engineer working in Europe for Volvo. My daughter, Kari (age 24), has an MBA and works for KPMG (accounting firm) in Columbus, OH. I tragically lost my second son, Timothy, in 1995 in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver. Tim was 20 years old and had just completed his second year at Virginia Tech University.
Lastly, as proof that life moves on, I have been blessed with two grandchildren, shown in the picture posted on our class website.

Lynn Ganary McDevitt

My husband Bill and I moved back to NJ from Philadelphia in 1999. We have four kids between us - a girl and a boy each, all grown up, and one grandchild. Marissa and Bill (Bill's kids, both married) are lawyers in Philadelphia; Vanessa is a book editor about to start her doctoral program in psychology at U Maryland; Marshall is in business here with his father.

I left my job at Philadelphia International Airport in 1997 to be an aviation consultant/ lawyer. I get to work out of my home (I am SO spoiled) and travel mostly to my office in Washington, DC.

Helen Cook Kawulok

I have lived in Wyoming for the last 39 years, married for 38 years. Ray and I have had 3 daughters: Joyce (36) with 2 boys, ages 14 and 10. Elizabeth (33) with 2 girls, ages 10 and 6. Louisa (28) still single and no children.
Ray and I are both retired from the local hospital where I worked as a certified nurses aide and Ray as a maintenance engineer for 29 years. We like to travel and visit the grandchildren. Joyce lives in Rock Springs, Wy; Elizabeth lives in Sterling, Co; and Louisa lives in Boise, Id.
We will not make it to the reunion but would love to hear from people who remember me.

Judy Douglass Everett

I live in Houston, TX and work full-time as an Office Manager at a church. My husband Keith is a longshoreman and drives a truck at the Port of Houston. We have been married for 29 years and have 3 daughters: Buffy is 35 and teaches high school English in Tampa, Florida; Jennette is 25 and works for Music World Entertainment here in Houston as the Fan Club Manager of Destiny's Child; and Emily is 20 and is a sophomore at Texas Woman's University majoring in Music Therapy and very active in the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. We enjoy music (Houston symphony season tickets as well as Moody Blues, Keb Mo and others) traveling, reading books out loud together and our wonderful waterbed

I can't believe I can retire in less than 8 years - Keith will probably work forever at the docks… Life has been very good to me. I am really excited about coming to the reunion and connecting with old friends. I will read all the bios that are posted and look forward to sharing life experiences with as many as possible. Please email me at moodyjudy@houston.rr.com. (moody is for my passion for the Moody Blues… not a moody personality). See you in November! Link to longer version of bio.