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Kindergarten or Grade 1
Elizabeth Haddon Elementary School

Row 1: Ann Wormick, Charles Hodell, Edie Weaber, Johnny Jack, Judy Douglass, Evelyn Reeber.
Row 2: Lynne Stuber, Jennie Starner, Billy Wheeler, Peter Denton, Roland Holloway, Tommy Creato.
Row 3: Pete Walto, Robbie Kugler, Patricia Gates, Denny Ryder, Ed Seeger, Eddie Fredholm.
Photo submitted by: Judy Douglass Everett

Kindergarten 1950-51
J.F. Tatem Elementary School

Front row far left is Catherine Matthias; front row far right is Art Teffeau, second row, far left is Art Yoder, Bill Budd next to him. Possibly Paul Finkbiner back row, 2nd from right. Anyone know who else is in this picture?

Possible sightings from Fred Franks: The boy next to Bill Budd in the Tatem picture is Martin Ross, I think Dave Lomax, then Martin Lett. I think the boy next to Paul Finkbiner is David Price. The third girl I think is Virginia Matlack, then Karen Funston with the large white collar. The second girl might be Karen Snyder. The teacher was Mrs. Kilpatrick.

Here's a try by Stan Bockmann:
Front: Catherine Matthias, _______, Polly Muckenfuss, Karen Funston, Margie Fuhs, Art Teffeau
Back: Art Yoder, Bill Budd, Martin (Tony) Ross, Martin Letts, Bobby Bancroft, Paul Finkbiner, _______
Teacher: Mrs. Eldredge

From Susan (Lee) Hare:
I think the second girl on the right in the first row is Karen Naylor. My brother is married to her sister so we're often in touch with her, and it looks like her to me. Haven't confirmed with Karen, but I'd bet on it!

Anyone else want to play name that student?
Photo submitted by: Catherine Matthias

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