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Class of 1963 scholarship

The Class of 1963 Scholarship Award Winner for 2007:

Kelsey Ann Gamgemi


We are pleased to report to you that in the six weeks, 21 members of our class contributed $2553 to the Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund. That represents donations from about 19% of members of our class who received the request for donations. Since we announced the scholarship fund and requested donations only by email, unfortunately about 120 members of our class are not aware of this effort. The median donation was $50. Thanks to these classmates for their support:

Rob Alleger

Edith (Weaber) Hunsberger

Susan (Hall) LaMaina

Dianne (Wildman) Burns

John Clevenger

Lynn (Ganary) McDevitt

Billy Budd

Karen (Schroeder) Slimm

Edward Seeger

Julie (Fox) Eastwick

Marcia (Robbins) Lugger

Mark McGrath

Stanley Bockmann

Fred Franks

Sue (Mueller) Voigt

Roland Holloway

David Lomax

Judith (Douglass) Everett

Susan (Lee) Hare

Patricia (Gates) Winder

Roberta (Henisee) Hobson

Henry Ryder

Our Scholarship Committee decided to award a $500 scholarship this spring to a HMHS graduating senior. I have attached the email I received from HMHS informing us of the recipient. The Committee decided to leave the balance of the donations to our Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund in the HMHS Scholarship Fund, which will earn whatever interest rate that fund earns, currently about 5%. All interest earned by our Fund will be credited to the Class of 1963 Fund. Since the $2053 will earn approximately $100 per year, we are on the way to endowing our scholarship in perpetuity.

If you did not donate to our scholarship fund but wish to do so, please send your donation (checks made payable to HMHS Scholarship Fund) to Stan Bockmann, 401 Columbia Ave., Pitman NJ 08071. Stan will remit those contributions to HMHS for deposit into our Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund account.

Although many scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors, ours is one of a handful of class to award a class scholarship. We can justifiably be proud of that. Our current plan is to solicit donations from class members next spring and to award another scholarship (amount to be determined) in 2008, with any excess donations going toward endowing the scholarship.

Finally, remember that your donations to the HMHS Scholarship Fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Your cancelled check is your receipt.

Class of 1963 Scholarship Committee

Stan Bockmann
John Clevenger
Fred Franks
Lynn Ganary McDevitt
Roland Holloway
Dianne Wildman Burns
Henry Ryder

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