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"We are 63!"

May 3, 2009

Class of 1963,

Some news and updates for you...

First, Stan Bockmann continues to improve from his kidney transplant. The operation was in December and his recovery has been remarkable. He has more stamina than he has had for years.

I thought you would be interested in reading the obituary of Bob Booth's father who died in March. Lynn McDevitt forwarded it to me. I've attached it at the end of this email..

We will be giving our 6th Class of 1963 Scholarship at the HMHS awards night in June. If you would like to contribute to our class scholarship fund, send your tax deductible contribution made out to the Haddonfield Scholarship Fund to Stan at 401 Columbia Ave. Pitman NJ 08071. If you live nearby and would like to represent our class that evening, please let me know. You don't have to do or say anything except stand up and smile when they announce the recipient.

You have received or will soon receive the HAS Alumni Newsletter. The lead story is that because of lack of funding, it may be their last letter. I encourage you to support the Alumni Society - if it weren't for their database, we never could have organized our 40th and 45th reunions. They deserve our support so they can assist other classes the way they assisted ours. If you didn't get the newsletter, let me know and I will see that you receive one.

We have about a dozen 45th reunion DVDs left. Once they are gone, they are gone and the only way to purchase one is on eBay. Send your $15 check made out to HMHS Class of 1963 to Stan.

Here are some comments from classmates who have purchased it:

Gwen Art: "I've just today received and watched the reunion DVD. What a fabulous job Marylou Coleman did! I'm really tickled to have it.

Marcia Lugger: "It is very cleverly put together with changes in themes like turning 3 dimensional pages of a book in some places. A young Austrian student who heard the beginning music asked, "is that what you listened to back then?" I said, yes. The final touch was the comparative 63 yearbook pictures to the present ones. That was fascinating and revealing. We are not that different today. Anyone who has not ordered the DVD, I would highly encourage to do so. Mary Lou has done a professional job. It runs almost a half an hour and is great fun."

Fran Liberi: "Just wanted to let you know, I received my HMHS DVD, and you are right, it is fantastic ! Marylou did an excellent job of putting everything together, and the sound track is perfect.

Roland Holloway: "I got the DVD and could not believe how great it was. It is a professional production that takes us from elementary school to the reunion and many stops along the way. I don't know how she got all the names and activities right. If you went to the reunion or not this is a great buy."

Susan Hare: "The DVD delightfully surprised me! It is very professional with many clever effects. It took some time to plan and produce. It is a wonderful record of both our "era" together and our 45th reunion. It can be appreciated by anyone in the class! We are fortunate to have this enjoyable disc available to us and is well worth the purchase! My husband also enjoyed it since it has captured the flavor of the time no matter where you grew up!"

Karen Cox: "The DVD was a real walk down memory lane. It was so cleverly edited with such a cast of characters! I just returned from two weeks in Florida visiting cousins both HMHS graduates. They even loved it although they only knew a few in our class. Kudos to MaryLou for her creativity in the production. A must see for each of us!"

And a final thought...50 years ago at this time ,we were preparing for graduation from Haddonfield (or some other) Junior School and looking forwrard to our high school years. It's good that so many of us remain connected.


Link to Robert E. Booth obituary

Reunion Contacts:

Denny Ryder at hryder@verizon.net or 
Stan Bockmann at stanandreeda@verizon.net

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